has it really been that long?

ooops! How has it been almost 2 wks? Time is a crazy thing sometimes. Feels like it has drug on and on!

I am in the beginning stages of my own bout with Spring Fever. I at least held out until March. I can’t say the same for some of my friends. And today we purchased a treadmill! (yay for handmedowns from trusted friendly peeps!) So, I’m hoping to shake what has to be this year’s winter blues by hopping my little happy self onto that thing and running for dear life!

In between the meetings and trainings and whatnots I’ve been attending, we’ve been down to see Granny. It’s looking like a very uncertain and hard road ahead for her and our family and it’s so hard seeing her like this. But even in this, the Lord knows what He’s got going on and we’re praying and hopeful that He will continue to work it all out.

I’m planning on making these yummy Sweet Potato Rolls from Jessica at How Sweet it Is for the season finale of The Bachelor Monday night.

Mmmmm. Sweet mmmm.

It’s my go to make dinner and I salivate every time I see them! Daddy just gave me some more sweet potatoes too!! I’m thinking something super easy in the crock pot to go with it and either these Cherry Coke Cupcakes from  Annie’s Eats or maybe try this copycat Wendy’s Frosty recipe for dessert.

looks super easy too!

looks super easy!

There really are just too many options!
Thanks Pinterest!

I’m laying low this weekend. The house needs a cleanin’, the fridge needs a stockin’, the clothes need a washin’. And I need a restin’. We’ll probably stop in to see Granny again and take her the “mix tape” we promised. We’re hoping some of her favorite tunes will soothe and possibly help her gain some of her speech back in the long run. It could happen.

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